Platform for Digital Fine Art Investments and Donations


Digital Masterpieces

Future of art is digital. Digital Fine Art is created and originally stored in digital space, for example digital photography, animation, performance, video etc.

Orion Vault Platform

Currently there is no standardized solution to collect and trade digital art. Orion Vault connects storage of digital fine art in cloud with blockchain certified ownership, creating a peer to peer marketplace.

Unique Business Model

Orion Vault offers unique, blockchain enabled business model that profits all parties involved. For investors - profit share from patronage. For Artists and Galleries - carry commission for life. For all - lower fees, increased security and speed of transactions.



It is virtually impossible to prove ownership and provenance of digital fine art pieces. They are not tangible enough. As a result digital art is not being treated as an investment or store of value.


Art in general is traded via opaque personal relationships, leaving it open to multiple layers of fees (20%-50%), and high incidences of fraud (15%-40%).


Lack of technology in the current art market to register, track, purchase, trade, insure and transport art is making all art related processes time consuming, manual and prone to errors.


Cloud Storage

Unique digital fine art file comes directly from the artist, stored securely in the cloud with access only to blockchain certified collector

Unique Business Model

New blockchain enabled business model, allowing artists and galleries to participate in appreciation of the value of their work and transactions on the secondary market through the carry commission. Investors can support artists as patrons and participate in the future profits created by their works. New ways to issue editions and offer lower barriers of entry for investors and popularize art among wider audiences

Artists & Art Support

Orion Vault builds ecosystem providing scholarships, competitions, education and donations to support up and coming artists

Blockchain Ownership

Automatic and effortless integration of unique ownership tracking for all transactions on the Orion Vault platform

Peer To Peer

Users can remain anonymous. Trusted transactions due to blockchain ownership tracking. No need for multiple middlemen on the secondary market, users trade faster and retain more profits

Transparent & Low Fees

Thanks to blockchain automation and direct interactions between users Orion Vault can offer significantly lower fees than currently available. Fees are coded on blockchain and visible to all





The Art market offers a sizeable opportunity, currently around $50bn. Initially, we will focus on capturing a leading share in online art market, currently at $4bn and the fastest growing segment. Later we will focus on capturing new investors and new funds coming into the art space, approximately $100bn over the next 5 years.

5% Trading Commission

Orion Vault charges 5% on all trades on the platform, which is four to ten times less than the currently available solutions. In case of primary market, 95% of sales value goes to the Artists, Gallery or Art Institution who listed the artwork. Orion Vault only works with the primary owners/creators of art to ensure full authenticity of the artwork

5% Carry Commission for Artists, Galleries, Museums

For the first time, the original creators, backers and curators of art will be able to participate in the secondary market. This will allow e.g. artists to participate in appreciation of value of their art and create a constant, and for lifetime stream of revenue for them



We are incorporated and based in Zug, Switzerland - the heart of Crypto Valley. At the roots we are a family company, joined by friends and collegues with whom we worked over the years.



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